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Winona Ryder Says the Last Few Years Under Trump Have Been ‘A Mind Boggling Like Nightmare’

by David Lindfield

While promoting her new HBO limited series The Plot Against America, Actress Winona Ryder criticized President Trump.

Ryder admitted that she wants to “speak out” and “do whatever I can” against the Trump administration, Breitbart News reports.

“Obviously a lot has been weighing on all of our minds. The whole fear of ‘the other’ in the eyes of fascism, what’s happening at the border, all of that is so outrageous and I think the last few years has been such a mind boggling like nightmare in so many ways,” Ryder said.

“When I think about this project, it makes me want to speak out and do whatever I can and the way to do that right now is to vote,” she added.

Producer David Simon also commented on President Trump’s immigration policies, comparing it to the Holocaust:

“We know what happened in WWII, we know what the Holocaust was, we know what America first meant in 1940 and what was at stake,” Simon said.

“The ‘othering’ that’s going on right now in this country quite obviously is the misuse and abuse of people of color, black and brown people, immigrants, people from Muslim countries, people who are Islamic,” he said.

“That’s now the cohort that is fundamentally happening in America.”

More from Breitbart:

Simon, who also produced The Wire, has regularly insulted the president on social media and has even wished death to a Trump supporter.

The uber-producer was suspended from the social media platform in 2018 when he told a Trump supporter, “You should die of a slow moving venereal rash that settles in your lying throat.”

He also wished death upon Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after being suspended.

Actor Morgan Spector said at the HBO premiere that he is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. He also slammed Joe Biden, saying that a potential Biden presidency would be “absolutely terrifying.”

“I think the problems that we’re facing are enormous and they require state scale solutions. Climate change cannot be solved by individuals recycling or driving electric cars. It has to be solved by states acting together to address what is an absolute crisis,” Spector told Variety.

“When I see the Democratic Party consolidating around a candidate [Joe Biden] who basically has, I don’t think really an interest in dealing with that problem or considering it, I find it absolutely terrifying.”

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