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WATCH: Hundreds Attend Chicago House Party During Coronavirus Pandemic

by Mike Santorini

A video posted to Facebook over the weekend shows what appears to be more than a hundred people attending a house party on Chicago’s West Side.

The video, which went viral with tens of thousands of shares and nearly a million views, shows a crowded house of partygoers with barely enough space to move and only a few people wearing face masks. All people seen in the clip are in violation of the city’s social distancing guidelines.

The Chicago Police Department say they’re not certain of the precise location where the party occurred but concerned citizens said it took place on the West Side.

In response, the department released the following statement on Saturday:

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media depicting a large house party inside of an alleged Chicago residence. While we cannot authenticate the nature or location of the gathering, we want to remind everyone of the social distancing requirements in place. CPD will disperse crowds in violation of social distancing requirements, and if necessary, issue citations or as a last resort, enforce via arrest.”

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“This upsets me because everyone is thinking about themselves and not others that they may be spreading it to,” said Chicago resident Jayna Lynn in a statement to WGN. “Death just doesn’t seem like something to be serious about to most during this pandemic.”

As of Sunday, Cook County, which includes Chicago, has reported more than 30,000 coronavirus cases and nearly 1,400 deaths.

The governor’s statement: Gov. J.B. Pritzker criticized the revelers during his daily press briefing on Sunday for putting people’s lives in danger.

“By standing together, not social distancing and not wearing masks, you’re literally putting everyone around you in danger,” Pritzker said. “They’re putting you in danger, and very importantly, all of those people are putting their families and friends who are not there with them in danger.”

“First, you are asymptomatic, but you are a carrier,” the governor added. “And you might feel just fine, and you’ll go home, but you still might give it to people in your home. They’ll see your friends, you’ll feel fine, and then you’ll give it to more of your friends. And then, you are a spreader of COVID-19.”

“We have asked police and other law enforcement to remind people when they see them not following social distancing norms that they need to be doing those things,” he said. “If you’re putting the community in danger (at a party), that should be broken up.”

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