Home News WATCH: Black Man Wearing “Black Voices For Trump” Hat Was Kicked Off Flight Because He Was Unmasked While Eating

WATCH: Black Man Wearing “Black Voices For Trump” Hat Was Kicked Off Flight Because He Was Unmasked While Eating

by Mike Santorini

A short clip of a young black man who was seen being thrown out from South West Air by a crew, because he wasn’t wearing his mask to eat is creating a buzz on social media. Fortunately, other passengers were quick to record the incident on camera, and some other concerned passengers defended him, saying he only pulled down his mask when he was eating.

The video shows a man wearing a “Black Voices for Trump” hat with his mask pulled down to his chin, talking to the airline’s staff. According to witnesses, the latter was asking the young man to leave because the plane would not take off until he is removed from the flight. The woman who was taking the video can be heard asking for the airline’s policy about eating with masks on.

“Please tell me the policy that says we can not remove our mask to eat,” she said. “This is about his hat, not his mask,” the woman added.

“Yes, it is about his hat,” a passenger sitting next to the black guy chimed in.

The airline representative was not answering about the policy, instead, only speaking to the man, threatening to have him arrested if he did not cooperate. Another passenger sitting next to the woman taking the video said he would leave with the man, while a woman sitting one row behind said she saw him lowering down his mask only to eat and did not bother anyone over masks.


Mixed reactions were posted on Twitter as a response to the recorded incident, with more Trump supporters saying it was politically motivated.

User Grant AZ said: “This morning Southwest Airlines ejects a passenger for lowering a Trump face mask to eat nuts. Does this appear to be politically motivated?”

Another one said her husband, who has been flying with the airline, called but the company responded they did not know what he was talking about. She tweeted: “My husband – 100+ flights on SW – just called to voice his concerns about how this gentleman was treated & SW said they had no idea what he was talking about. So Southwest, what IS your policy? Can people take masks off to eat & drink on your flights or not? Bad PR!!!”

Another loyal passenger agrees that the crew is harassing the black passenger, saying: “I fly Southwest several times a month between Vegas & Chicago, I love Southwest but this video is disturbing. You’re required to keep your mask on for the duration of the flight but you are allowed to remove it to eat, drink or both. This crew is harrassing this passenger.”

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