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US College Students Push Back As Academia Makes East Germany Look Like A Democracy

by Adam Morgan

United States colleges coronavirus rules are so stringent that they are making former East Germany look like a thriving democracy.

In Colorado State University, that charges $31,712 a year is threatening to arrest any student that refuses to declare their vaccine status. The University of Southern California, that charges $60,446 a year prohibits students from taking a sip of water inside class and must leave the room to take a drink.

Students are fed up and have begun to push back against draconian rules. Parents and students at Oakland University in Michigan forced the school to get rid of the “bio button.� The button handed out by staff tracks was used to track student movements on and off campus.

“Many students are already hesitant, at best, to be tracked as they stay on campus (and as they leave for the weekend to visit home, go to class, grocery shop, etc.). A large portion of students feel that this in violation of their privacy and some students have stated that their rejections of this idea come from a religious basis,� a Change.org petition that opposed it said.

Rutgers University in New Jersey even forbids unvaccinated students from online classes even if they are medically exempt.

“It feels like the school is blackmailing me, they get all this personal information and in exchange I get an education. It’s the growth of the surveillance state,â€� student Dan Smith, from Wayne State University in Detroit, told The Wall Street Journal.

‘It just feels like overreach. You wonder, where is all this medical information going? Can professors see it?� sophomore Marin Ruiz, from the University of Southern California, added.

The pushback coming from these student matches a trend of Americans beginning fighting mandates.

Thousands of Americans all over the country are saying enough is enough.

Also hundreds of Southwest employees showed up at the companies headquarters to protest the airlines vaccine mandate.

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