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Turns Out George Soros is VERY Connected in This School Situation [Report]

by Laura Steinberg

The prosecutor who chose to pursue charges against a Loudon County father who was arrested at a school board meeting for speaking about a policy which allowed his daughter to be sexually assaulted was elected with extensive financial support from George Soros. Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj is a close ally of Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe , whose campaign is also being funded by Soros.

School board covers up assaults

Buta Biberaj ran on a platform of lowering incarceration rates in Virginia, a proposal which is typical for politicians running with Soros approval.

In the case of one suspect Biberaj kept up her commitment to this cause. A 15-year-old boy who claims to identify as a girl was not arrested after he allegedly raped a girl in a  girl’s restroom in a Loudon County school.

Instead of being jailed, the teen was simply transferred to another school, where he proceeded to reenact his former crime after he was again allowed to use the girl’s bathroom.

On the other hand, Biberaj was very eager to lock up Scott Smith, the father of one of the victims. Smith became understandably angry when the Loudon County school board refused to let him speak out about the assault.

The school board refused to acknowledge the possibility of their transgender bathroom policy leading to any assaults, despite having a clear example of exactly that happening in one of their schools.

Amid the heated confrontations which took place in Loudon County earlier this year the board was very eager to silence Smith so that they could protect the policy from additional parental ire.


Friend of Soros targets father of victim

Police physically threw Scott Smith to the ground and dragged him from the building when he tried to confront the school board about the assault and was denied the opportunity to speak.

It turns out that Buta Biberaj and George Soros were not referring to all of us when they spoke about the need to lower incarceration rates.

Actual criminals and dangerous individuals, like the suspect in these two assaults, are apparently not facing any serious consequences while a parent who decries a policy which enabled an assault on his child was prosecuted as aggressively as possible by Biberaj.

Judges and prosecutors choosing to free suspects who pose a threat to others is not limited to Biberaj and Loudon County.

The recent Texas school shooter was sent home by a sympathetic judge after less than a day of being held following his arrest, despite the fact that he obviously continued to pose a threat to others.

We often talk about the need to hold people who use guns responsible, rather than the guns themselves. Perhaps we should be applying the same logic to the people who perfectly orchestrate situations in which dangerous individuals can attack others.

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