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Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on Liz Cheney with this truth bomb

by David Lindfield

Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump as part of a power play to take over the GOP.

But Liz Cheney got some bad news.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson dropped the hammer on Liz Cheney with this truth bomb.

Liz Cheney is on a tear to purge Donald Trump and his voters from the Republican Party.

In a recent interview at the Reagan Institute, Liz Cheney echoed Democrat Party talking points that the GOP is the party of white supremacy and bigotry.

In his show on Thursday night, Carlson addressed these outrageous comments by Liz Cheney and dove into why she repeated the Left’s talking points about conservatives on demand.

Carlson explained to his viewers that Cheney recited the Left’s script because she thinks this is what she must say to stay on the good side of the Washington, D.C. swamp.

“More likely, Liz Cheney just knows what she needs to say in order to get what she wants. What Liz Cheney wants is an expanded American military presence around the world, more wars in the Middle East,” Carlson stated.

This past summer, Liz Cheney worked with Democrats in the House to put language in the National Defense Authorization Act to block Donald Trump from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

Cheney also opposed Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw troops for Syria.

Liz Cheney believes in the John McCain/Hillary Clinton foreign policy of endless wars in the Middle East.

Carlson said that Cheney is a true ideologue who believes in American military intervention around the world, even in places where America has no interest.

So to keep in the good graces of what Carlson deemed the “war lobby” in Washington, D.C., Liz Cheney is willing to smear her own voters as racists.

But Liz Cheney may have made a big mistake.

Current polling data shows Cheney trailing her Republican primary challenger by 30 points as voters in Wyoming soured on Cheney after her vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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