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Trump Family Member Betrays Him

by Laura Steinberg

Mary Trump, niece of the president, has spent her entire life on the outside of the family dynasty looking in. Now, she wants to cash in with a “tell-all” book filled with her fantasies and speculations tailored to the liberal left. It isn’t so much a tale of betrayal as it is a pitiful attempt to exploit her famous uncle.

Mary Trump’s fifteen minutes of fame

President Donald Trump’s 55-year-old niece Mary has some nasty things to say about her uncle. Her book is scheduled to come out next week and the New York Times can’t wait to start promoting it. The court didn’t step in to stop the publisher, but the final ruling on whether or not Mary broke a confidentiality agreement with the work is still pending.

Mary Trump describes a typically dysfunctional family with a “long history of darkness, dysfunction and brutality.” She alleges it turned her uncle into “a reckless leader.” Her uncle Donald did the unspeakable by using his “position in one of New York’s wealthiest and most infamous real-estate empires” to get ahead in life.

The man is ruthless, Ms. Trump declares. As part of his “twisted behaviors” he actually wants people to do something to earn a paycheck from him. The way Mary describes it, he sees people in “monetary terms.” She doesn’t like him because he considers her useless and refused to talk to her for decades.

A family confidentiality agreement

Mary Trump ignored the advice of her father, Robert S. Trump to pull the plug on the scandalous book. He reminded her about the “confidentiality agreement that she signed nearly 20 years ago during a dispute over the will of the family patriarch, Fred Trump Sr., the president’s father.”

A New York Judge, as the Times reports, “has refused to enjoin Simon & Schuster from releasing the memoir and is expected to soon rule on whether Ms. Trump herself violated the confidentiality agreement.” From what’s been revealed so far, there wasn’t much about the president that the public didn’t already know.

The worst scandal Mary Trump can come up with, without offering a single shred of proof to back it up, at least not in what the Times shared, Donald allegedly paid someone to take the SAT test for him. She claims without proof that he never could have scored high enough on the SAT to get into Wharton school of business on his own. She’s just mad because she didn’t go to that good of a school.

President Trump is a narcissist.

After griping about the fact that Donald had a much better head for the real estate business and got along with his father a lot better than his older brother did, she whines about his ego problem. She thinks that the public will be surprised about that. Wrong. It’s one of the things that deplorable Trump supporters love about him the most.

President Trump may very well be crazy but as Billy Joel sings, he’s exactly the kind of lunatic we’re looking for. He’s crazy enough to think he can wipe out the corruption in government and bring America back to the peak of power and glory. He made America Great Again and now he wants to Keep America Great. Liberals are horrified.

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