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This major blue state Governor is at war with his own party over the last thing you’d expect

by David Lindfield

Although he’s quick to issue mandates, one blue state Governor is finding those on his payroll are slow to walk in lockstep with his invasive policies.

A huge portion of state employees are keeping their private business to themselves for now.

Now, this major blue state Governor is at war with his own party over the last thing you’d expect.

Back in July, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office put out a press release “encouraging employers to ensure that their employees are vaccinated.�

The governor promised to lead by example by putting in place new Covid-19 vaccination measures for state and health care workers.

It turns out, that’s easier said than done.

As of October 16, nearly 40% of California’s state employees hadn’t been vaccinated for Covid-19 according to the state’s Human Resources Department.

An article in The Sacramento Bee said, “the relatively low rate identified so far suggests many workers weren’t moved by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s July orders.�

Ironically, about 67% of the general population in California has received at least one dose of the vaccine.

It’s fitting that in a state where the Governor seems more than a little overconfident after surviving a recent recall election, a good-sized chunk of his state employees are making him squirm.

And it might not just be about whether state employees want to take the jab or not.

One Service Employees International Union local steward interviewed by The Sacramento Bee said she thinks others, like her, got the vaccination but didn’t report it because they believe their personal medical information is none of their employers’ business.

This is one more example of how Democrats currently in power are alienating some of their most staunch past supporters.

And it’s apparently not missing Newsom’s notice.

Even though the Governor went so far as to announce that all public-school students must get the COVID-19 shot, behind the scenes his administration is working to ensure some key employees won’t choose to walk off the job rather than get the jab.

In a surprise move, the Governor’s administration is fighting a judge’s order to have every employee in the prison system vaccinated or lose their jobs. Instead, the administration is pushing to keep a weekly testing option in place.

So even if he wants private businesses to “ensure� employees are vaccinated — it seems he can’t make it happen himself and he’s well aware of the power wielded by a silent minority on his own payroll.

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