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This 2020 announcement was the bad news Donald Trump feared the most

by David Lindfield

President Trump is fighting for his political career in his re-election campaign.

The deck is already stacked against the President.

But now this 2020 announcement was the bad news Donald Trump feared the most.

If the polls are accurate, Donald Trump trails Joe Biden by about nine points.

One of the big opportunities the President would have to reset the race this fall would be the three scheduled debates with Joe Biden.

But many Trump supporters suspect Democrats will pull whatever strings they have to cancel the debates or change the format because they know if the public sees Joe Biden up close and personal three times they will come away believing that Donald Trump’s attacks on Biden’s cognitive decline have merit.

Trump supporters found out their fears about Democrats trying to weasel out of the debates were well founded when the University of Notre Dame announced it was pulling out of hosting the first debate scheduled for September 29 due to the coronavirus.

Reverend John Jenkins explained the decision in a statement.

“After consultation with Dr. Mark Fox, St. Joseph County deputy health officer, and with the unanimous support of the Executive Committee of the University’s Board of Trustees, Father Jenkins made what he called “this difficult decision because the necessary health precautions would have greatly diminished the educational value of hosting the debate on our campus,” Jenkins wrote.

Father Jenkins claimed the coronavirus outbreak would prevent a significant number of students from attending so Notre Dame could no longer host the debate.

In a letter earlier today to the Notre Dame community, Father Jenkins added that “the inevitable reduction in student attendance in the debate hall, volunteer opportunities and ancillary educational events undermined the primary benefit of hosting — to provide our students with a meaningful opportunity to engage in the American political process.”

If the debates aren’t canceled, Trump supporters believe Democrats will push for a “virtual” format where both candidates appear off site in studios.

This will allow Biden to have someone in the room feeding him answers to combat the alleged early onset dementia many of the President’s supporters believe Biden suffers from.

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