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‘The View’ surprisingly praises President Trump’s coronavirus press conference statements

by Mike Santorini

“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday offered rare praise of President Trump on his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

During his Tuesday press conference at the White House, the president said his administration predicts between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could die as a result of the disease, saying that the country is facing “very, very painful two weeks.”

“This could be a hell of a bad two weeks. This is going to be a very bad two, and maybe three weeks. This is going to be three weeks like we’ve never seen before,” Trump said. “When you look at night, the kind of death that has been caused by this invisible enemy, it’s incredible.”

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “It’s nice to know that he’s caught up with the rest of the country, because while everyone has been, you know, at home trying to cope with all of this, we have been aware that it’s going to be a tough time ahead. Is this the honest account that we’ve needed to hear from him from the start?”

Co-host Sunny Hostin responded, “I think perhaps now we’re hearing from the administration the gravity that we needed to hear from the administration probably in January or February. I’m happy in a sense that we’re hearing that gravity, but I think we needed to hear it a long time ago.”

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Co-host Sara Haines said she was glad to hear a “more serious tone” from the president.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in it, in the anxiety, the fear, the numbers, and so there was a little moment of gloom that all these people, even if we all act perfectly, they were quoting numbers of, you know, over six figures — over 100,000 — that even if we all behave perfectly, we will probably see pass,” Haines said. “And my heart went to just the deaths themselves, but also that so many people are dying alone.”

She continued: “That really broke my heart, because the one thing you hope when you pass or someone you love passes is that it’s easy, it’s pain-free, and that you’re by their side. So hearing that kind of brought the human level to me. It was very heavy.”

“I think today is one of those days where I’m feeling a little heavier about all of it, but I was happy to hear a serious tone because I think that’s lining up with the facts,” she concluded, per The Blaze.

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