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The NWO Propaganda Machine is Hard at Work to Remove Your Way of Life

by Laura Steinberg

George Soros and his beloved New World Order are hard at work, trying to end the American way of life.

Globalists have the propaganda machine running at full speed and the “open societies” are using the violence they manufactured in response to the George Floyd murder as an excuse to disarm the American police.

The NWO way of life

As hard as they’ve tried, they can’t pry guns out of the hands of Second Amendment loving citizens.

It’s the conservative American way of life.

That won’t stop the New World Order.

They can use their Saul Alinsky toolkit to take weapons away from the police.

After weeks of quarantine lockdown, we learned that all the models were wrong.

Despite our best efforts, Covid-19 will be with us to stay. Since that will allow the economy to start working again, George Soros had to switch tactics.

Even the Vatican thinks that globalist forces of evil are behind the “children of darkness” rioting in streets around the world and looting upscale shopping malls.

The New World Order is attempting to inflame and exploit the division between police and the citizens.

When rubber bullets and tear gas are used to prevent the burning and looting, the police are declared the barbarians. Maintaining law and order has to take second place to the feelings of the looters.

British cops can’t shoot anyone

In Britain, when the police chase a criminal, all they can do is say “stop! Or I’ll say stop again!” they can’t shoot anyone because they don’t have any guns.

George Soros wants to do the same thing to America.

By “defunding the police” they can replace them with unarmed roving social workers armed with get out the vote pamphlets and Democrat voter registration cards. The American way of life goes right out the door.

Police are specifically meant to be the face of the government on the streets of our fair nation. We give them guns for a reason.

We want them to have all the tools at their disposal to maintain law and order.

Then, we restrain them from using the tools we gave them and sue them for doing their job.

President Donald Trump just highlighted a key reason why the whole system seems to be breaking down.

Our police officers can’t do the job of maintaining the peace because they spend all day being social workers, caring for the mentally disabled, the addicted, and the homeless.

It’s time to get our men in blue back in the business of fighting crime.

Yes, we need to hold them accountable too.

There should be independent oversight boards, mandatory body cameras and other safeguards to prevent abuse.

The life of every citizen or visitor matters.

Anarchy though, is not the answer.

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