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RINO Alert: Absolutely Terrified of Deplorables, Cries Out Grasping for Straws

by Laura Steinberg

Renegade RINO Martha McSally is finally waking up to the reality that she’s a reject, and she’s absolutely terrified that “some supporters of President Donald Trump may not vote for her.” The GOP knows they’re in just as much hot water with independent conservatives. Their only hope is to “remind” deplorables that Mark Kelly is a Democrat. The only problem with that line of defense is that Martha McSally is also a Democrat. She’s not even honest enough to admit it. If the voters are destined to end up with a Democrat either way, then they’ll pick the one that annoys the GOP the most.

GOP won’t believe the no RINO message

Arizona’s GOP officials and big-wig donors cannot seem to get it through their thick elephant skull that not all conservatives are registered Republican. In Arizona, there are a substantial number of far-right Libertarian and independent conservatives who are so fed up with RINO Democrats in disguise that they “became unreasonable” and started voting for Democrats.

It was intentional in 2018 and it will be intentional again. If the GOP wants a Democrat in the Senate, they’ll get one. In this case, make it two and go blue. The GOP has only themselves to blame. The first time they tried to shove RINO McSally down the throats of voters, they got Kyrsten Sinema in protest. “Republicans who backed Democrat Kyrsten Sinema were pivotal in her victory over McSally in the 2018 race for Arizona’s other Senate seat.”

Her numbers were so bad it was considered noteworthy. “McSally received 140,000 fewer votes than Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who was comfortably re-elected on the same ballot,” The Arizona GOP refuses to read the writing on the wall. They think if McSally were already on the job, voters will let the RINO keep it. They’re wrong about that.

Deplorables really don’t like her

Even Martha McSally herself understands how far behind the eight ball she is. In an article by the AZ Capitol Times, she told how she “expressed concern to GOP activists that some supporters of President Trump may not vote for her.” She calls it an “indication of her struggles to avoid the defection of Republicans whose support she’ll need to keep her seat.” Voters aren’t defecting from the Republican party, it’s the other way around. Voters are furious that the Republican party is defecting and throwing them under the political bus with RINO rebels like Jeff Flake and Martha McSally.

When one McSally “supporter” dared to ask her about the issue, she blamed it on voter ignorance, claiming “there are voters who like Trump but haven’t paid attention to other races on the ballot.” The voters are definitely paying attention. Meanwhile, McSally argues, hostile voters “may be convinced by ads positioning her Democratic rival, Mark Kelly, as an independent, she said, and they might not even realize he’s a Democrat.” Everyone knows he’s a Democrat. In fact, He’s a DINO. They aren’t extinct after all. Just like RINO McSally, Kelly is a Democrat who acts Republican. A vote for him gets Democrats just as angry as it does the Republicans, because liberals know they can’t trust him. To the DNC, he’s just a terrorist sleeper cell waiting to do them in. Which is how conservatives see McSally.

The RINO renegade is having trouble raising cash too. “She also faces a fundraising disadvantage that makes it a challenge for her to combat the barrage of ads being aired by Kelly and independent groups backing the former astronaut.” You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that she’s not a popular person. The only thing she has left to convince voters to accept her is a warning that “Kelly would undermine the president’s priorities.” Since RINO McSally is just as Democrat as Kelly and just as renegade as Jeff Flake, who screwed his constituents right along with President Donald Trump again and again – while grinning from ear to ear, the Arizona voters would rather take a chance on Mark Kelly.


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