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Rep. Tlaib Gets Exposed as a Complete FRAUD

by Laura Steinberg

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is keeping pace with her Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives and demonstrating her party’s trademark absolute hypocrisy and fraud when it comes to mask mandates. The Michigan Democrat was caught out in the open in early October at an outdoor event in Detroit along with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge when they ran into a mask-less man. The man reportedly seemed trouble that he was the only one present without a mask on. How did the Congresswoman respond? By dropping her mask to her chin and responding,

“Oh, no, oh, not you!” Tlaib said as she pulled her mask away from her face. “No, no, no—I’m just wearing it because I’ve got a Republican tracker here.”

Only weeks ago Tlaib face heavy criticism for appearing to dance maskless during a crowded, indoor wedding in Dearborn, MI. Ironically the same day Tlaib chastised Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) for urging Americans to “resist” masking guidelines.

According to The Washington Free Beacon,

“Tlaib attended the wedding days after the CDC recommended wearing masks indoors regardless of vaccination status in local areas with “high” community transmission—a categorization that applied to Dearborn at the time.”

The Common Thread Of COVID Hypocrisy – Democrats Exposed Perpetrating A Fraud

On October 1st, the Deep State Rabbit Hole presented several instances of Tlaib and her allies flouting the mask requirements they demand your full compliance with their every whim. Tlaib and her friends in the DNC are of the elites, they are the untouchables, the rules which they are actively imposing on the American people with greater speed, severity and harsher consequences DO NOT APPLY TO THEM. And you do not have the right to question them, and if you do: you are a terrorist.

Just these out:

San Francisco Mayor London Breed,  evidently can’t breed disease though at a Frisco jazz club in spite of city-wide orders imposing face coverings upon everyone, unless they are “actively eating and drinking”.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Members of “The Squad” Like Congresswoman Jayapal (D-WA) don’t have to worry about masks, social distancing, or vaccination mandates when it’s time for her birthday blowout right?!?

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, mask mandates in the entirety of Los Angeles? Hell, yeah right?!?! But let’s not talk about meeting Magic Johnson at a Chargers game though…. nah, that’s probably totally fine.

Doesn’t all of this seem a bit familiar? Let’s not forget Barack Obama’s big birthday bash either.

As Jack Posobiec wrote, “Obama just had tons of people at his party. Maskless. No vaxx mandate. They are laughing at you.” This is a fraud being perpetrated on the American people, it is a hypocritical exercise in obedience. They cannot be touched. You are powerless. Put on your mask. Take your shots. And bow before your overlords.

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