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Rashida Tlaib detained during Detroit airport protest

by Mike Santorini

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib was arrested and briefly detained by police Friday after she joined a protest by airline catering workers at Detroit Metro Airport.

Photos posted on Twitter show the Democratic congresswoman sitting with several other protesters on the road outside the airport’s terminal, according to Fox news.

Union official Diana Hussein, who posted the pictures of the protesters, later corrected her statement that Tlaib had been arrested, writing that the congresswoman “was not processed” and participated “in solidarity in the civil disobedience.”

The protest was aimed at pushing for better pay and health care for the airline employees.

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After she was released, Tlaib posted a picture with some of the protesters on Twitter and demanded fair wages and health care for the employees.

“We won’t stop until we get #fairwages & #healthcare. These courageous people got arrested tonight at DTW b/c they believe workers deserve human dignity,” she wrote. “Shame on you @Delta for leaving workers behind and letting them live in poverty. @unitehere.”

“These workers are suffering and living under unimaginable conditions all because Delta wants to make more profits on the backs of the poor,” she wrote in a separate tweet.

“The airline catering workers are desperate for a better quality of life and put their bodies on the line in their fight against the exorbitant corporate greed by the airlines denying them of their right to a living wage and good health care,” Tlaib wrote.

“Today, we are calling on Delta Air Lines to say that if it wants to really prove that it cares about the working families more than it does its bottom line, then it will commit to ending poverty in the airline catering industry so one job is enough for all airline workers.”

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This is not the first time Tlaib has participated in “civil disobedience.” In 2016, before she was elected to Congress, a video was posted on social media of Tlaib being physically ejected from a Trump rally in Detroit as she shouted, “You guys are crazy.”

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