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Pres. Trump Depresses Whoopi Goldberg: “I am in a depression now because of him”

by Mike Santorini

It seems like all the women in ABC’s The View are “obsessing” over President Donald Trump. This time, Whoopi Goldberg whines about the president and says she’s in a depression because of him.

Her comment was a response to one of Trump’s campaign rallies over the weekend, where he said that America would be in a massive depression right now if he listened to science. He was referring to the Democrats’ claims that ordering lockdown could prevent the spread of the coronavirus, totally ignoring the economy.

“If you vote for Biden, he will surrender your jobs to China,” Trump began. “He will surrender your future to the virus. He’s going to lock down. He’s going to want us to lock down. He’ll listen to the scientists. If I listened totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression instead of — we’re like a rocket ship.”

As a reply, Goldberg asked her co-hosts, “What is he talking about?” And then she continued, “I’m in a depression now because of him. Every time I see him, he depresses me. Everything he says is pissing me off and depressing me. I don’t know what rocket he’s on, but I’m getting off the rocket he’s on. That’s ridiculous, but we’re about two weeks away from this election.”

Goldberg then, turned to co-host Sunny Hostin and asked her whether Trump had hit on a winning strategy, to which the latter replied, “I’m just shocked to hear him say that,” and continued, claiming that Trump is responsible for the death of 200,000 Americans due to covid-19.

“He’s just so reckless and cavalier about it. I’m actually disgusted this morning to hear that. I’m disgusted,” Hostin said.


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