Home News Painful to Watch: Democrats Sound Off With Civil Rights Song in One of the Weirdest Press Conferences

Painful to Watch: Democrats Sound Off With Civil Rights Song in One of the Weirdest Press Conferences

by Laura Steinberg

Texas Democrats gathered on Capitol Hill to sing “We Shall Overcome” after fleeing from their state in an attempt to block legislation intended to prevent voter fraud. The Democrats have turned their vacation to Washington D.C. into a kind of civil rights Odyssey and courageous self-sacrifice. Like everything else in America, how the performance is received depends largely on political affiliation. Presumably some leftists are not cringing as hard as we are while watching this.

Texas Democrats attempt to sing

Several dozen of the Texas legislators held a press conference in front of the Capitol which ended with one of their number attempting to break into song.

Her colleagues halfheartedly joined in for an awkward rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”  It was a monumentally bad performance, a masterpiece in tone deafness both literal and figurative.

The video is a must-watch for any connoisseur of such terrible performances or for anyone who will enjoy the sight of Democrats with no self-awareness humiliating themselves in public.

The entire Washington trip has been a fantastic display of self-importance and delusions of grandeur from the Texas legislators.

Several of the fleeing Texans described their departure in extravagant terms which depicted the stunt as being something akin to the crossing of the Delaware and the storming of Omaha Beach.

While crafting these grandiose statements the Democrats enjoyed a private flight to Washington and at least one case of Miller Lite.

Republicans threaten arrest

When these soldiers of democracy landed at their destination they were met by a hail of friendly media coverage and a barrage of praise from the White House.

Meanwhile, Texas Republicans have threatened that their Democrat colleagues might be arrested when they return from their self-imposed exile.

The stunt is intended to prevent a vote on legislation in Texas which would crack down to a certain extent on voter fraud in the state.

Official Democrat policy now seems to be that anyone should be able to vote anywhere as many times as they want. Anything that might prevent that from becoming a reality cannot be allowed to pass.

Because the Texas legislature still has a Republican majority the bill would otherwise pass. By fleeing the Democrats have prevented a quorum and thus ensured that there cannot be a vote.

Like Don Quixote’s windmill the Texas Democrats are locked in battle with a completely imaginary threat. There is no voter suppression legislation for them to overcome, though watching this performance might make you wish we had one if it would keep these people out of office.

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