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Michigan’s lesbian attorney general takes shot at cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh

by Mike Santorini

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who is openly lesbian, took a shot at conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh over his remarks about Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg kissing “his husband on the debate stage.”

“They’re looking at Mayor Pete, 37-year-old gay guy, mayor of South Bend, loves to kiss his husband on the debate stage. And they’re saying, OK, how’s this going to look, 37-year-old gay guy kissing his husband on stage next to Mr. Man Donald Trump? What’s going to happen there?” Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday.

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“America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president,” Limbaugh said. “There may be some Democrats who think that’s exactly what we need to do, Rush. Get a gay guy kissing his husband on stage, ram it down Trump’s throat, and beat him in the general election. Really. Having fun envisioning that.”

In response to Limbaugh’s remarks, Nessel tweeted a picture of her kissing her “super hot wife” and wrote: “In honor of Valentines Day, here is an awkward picture of me making out with my super hot wife on election night. ⁦@PeteButtigieg⁩ is not going back in the closet, and neither am I. Happy VD to you too, Rush Limbaugh.”

President Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union address,  shortly after the radio host week announced he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

In an interview with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera on Thursday, Trump said that he’s open to voting for a gay presidential candidate.

“Would Americans vote for a gay man to be president?” Rivera asked.

“I think so,” Trump responded. “I think there would be some that wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t be among that group, to be honest with you.”

“I think that it doesn’t seem to be hurting Pete Buttigieg,’” Trump said, adding, “But there would certainly be a group that probably wouldn’t. But you and I would not be in that group.”

“We would not,” Rivera responded.

According to a 2019 Gallup survey, 76% of Americans said they would vote for a gay or lesbian presidential candidate, while 80% said they would vote for an evangelical Christian.

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