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Lets Be Clear: Shooting Up a School is NOT Self Defense

by Laura Steinberg

Given that the mainstream media almost instantly forgot about the event, you may not have heard that the school shooter who opened fire on classmates and teachers in Arlington, Texas is already free. Timothy Simpkins was released on negligible bond the day after the shooting at Timberland High School. Civil rights attorneys and relatives are insisting that Simpkins is a bullied and misunderstood angel who merely shot up the school in self-defense.

School shooter free after one day

Incredibly, the school shooter spent less than a day in custody after shooting four people, one of them a 15-year-old who was left in critical condition.

This shocking case ought to prove beyond all doubt that the United States still enshrines white privilege in its justice system. Just kidding. Simpkins is black and so he is free and the story is swept under the rug.

As soon as the demographic facts of the case became known and media interest evaporated, various people began to say that the shooting was actually justifiable.

The family immediately leapt to his defense and claimed that he had been bullied and beaten because of his expensive car and clothes. Makes sense.

The lawyer representing Simpkins is denouncing the “school shooter” label and claiming that this was, in effect, a self-defense scenario.

Presumably young Timothy just couldn’t take any more jibes about his wealth and intelligence and so he took a handgun to school and opened fire in class. A very credible story from the family of this one.


There’s certainly some kind of privilege here

Astonishingly, a judge was so convinced by this tale that Simpkins was set free within hours of the shooting. It’s alright though, the family apologized and urged us all to remember that the school shooter is the real victim here.

There is an epidemic in America of judges releasing violent criminals who go on to rape or murder. These judges never face any accountability for their reckless decisions.

The judge who allowed Timothy Simpkins to go free the day after a school shooting knows full well that this is an extremely violent individual and a legal adult.

Self-defense is not a valid excuse when you take a gun to school and open fire on unarmed classmates. There is certainly some variety of racial privilege involved here.

Kyle Rittenhouse faces multiple homicide charges for defending himself against a mob of armed assailants. James Fields was sentenced to 400 years in prison. The FBI has forcibly rounded up whole families for taking a leisurely stroll around the Capitol.

This school shooter is already free to try it again and his absurd claims of self-defense are taken seriously by a media which was prepared to demand his head until he turned out to be non-white. It’s all so tiresome.

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