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Leftists are putting kids at risk with one insane school policy

by David Lindfield

Bad leftist ideas are spreading like cancer.

Radicals have taken over institutions like education and the results are staggering.

Now leftists are putting kids at risk with one insane school policy.

Leftists are obsessed with the idea of “equity,” i.e. equal outcomes.

The problem they always run up against is that people are not equal in terms of talent, drive, and luck.

The result is enacting brute force in order to achieve a desired outcome, or finessing numbers to give the appearance of a desired outcome.

Public schools are some of the worst laboratories for these disastrous experiments.

For example, in Los Angeles, the school district is attempting to reduce crime in schools by cutting police officers.

The Post Millennial reports:

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education approved a plan Tuesday to cut one-third of its police budget. The money will be diverted to fund new programs under the new Black Student Achievement Plan.The board voted to cut 133 police officers from the Los Angeles School Police Department, replacing the School District’s police officers with ‘climate coaches.’”

These so-called “climate coaches” will be tasked with fostering a positive school atmosphere, de-escalating conflict, and eliminating “racial disproportionality” in school discipline practices.

In true leftist fashion, instead of addressing the behaviors that are leading to disproportionate outcomes in discipline, they’re softening discipline strategies altogether.

Not only does that allow any underlying problems to fester, it puts other students in danger.

The Left claims to care so much about victims, but they couldn’t care less about victims if they get in the way of their progressive policy goals.

Similar approaches have been tried with soft-on-crime policies in various major metro cities.

New York City descended into crime-ridden squalor (and is doing so again) in the 1970s and ‘80s due to progressive policing.

Minneapolis recently increased its police budget after violent crime spiked in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots.

Sections of Minneapolis look like bombed-out battlefields, and nobody in the corporate-controlled press or the Left intelligentsia seem to care.

Los Angeles will likely have to reverse this disastrous policy in the near future, that is if the communistic teachers unions ever allow the public schools to reopen.

If there were ever a time for parents to explore private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, or community teaching pods, that time is now.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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