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Kamala Harris heard two words that spell doom for her political future

by David Lindfield

Kamala Harris’ Presidential ambitions are tumbling as her downward spiral continues.

Harris is expected to replace Joe Biden, but now there are doubts.

And now Kamala Harris just heard two words that spell doom for her political future.

Fox Business host Kennedy interviewed Democrat strategist Kevin Walling about Harris’ refusal to go to the border.

The crisis at the border continues to intensify as the Border Patrol stopped 180,000 illegal border crossings in May, the highest number on record in 20 years.

Walling tried to claim Harris’ disastrous trip to Central America – where the main headlines were Harris melting down in interviews when asked when she would visit the southern border – as a sign of progress.

But Walling did admit that the border issue worked in Donald Trump’s favor should he want to attempt a 2024 comeback.

“I was encouraged to see, and we’ve talked about this before, the Vice President down in Guatemala, down in Mexico actually saying, ‘don’t come to the United States, don’t come across that border,’” Walling stated. “This is good politics for the former President … because this is an issue that animates Republicans.”

Kennedy responded by blasting Harris as a “cackling pantsuit” who hands the Republican Party a gift every day she refuses to visit the border.

“It is a gift. Every single day she doesn’t go, every day she doesn’t hold a press conference, every day she’s a cackling pantsuit.”

Walling was forced to concede that it is “a talking point now that she doesn’t go down there.”

But the bigger issue is Harris’ nervous tic of bursting into fits of laughter at inappropriate moments when she is faced with tough questions in unscripted settings.

Politicians can rarely overcome the initial impression voters develop about them and if Americans look at Harris’ cackling as ridiculous behavior, her Presidential ambitions are done.

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