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Judge Sides With Trump, Puts a Stop to Dems

by Laura Steinberg

As Democrats stunt to steal the election with their vote-by-mail scheme, an Iowa judge sided with President Trump by voiding 50,000 absentee ballot requests.

Judge Stops Democrat’s Illegal Actions

On Thursday, Judge Ian Thornhill ordered an Iowa county to reject 50,000 absentee ballot requests and agreed with the Trump campaign that the election commissioner acted outside his authority when he pre-filled them with voter’s personal information.

Through a temporary injunction, the judge demanded Linn County Auditor Joel Miller let voters know in writing that the forms cannot be pre-filled so they could not be processed, NBC News reports.  

This means the people who made the requests will either have to fill out new paperwork for absentee ballots or vote in person on Election Day.

Iowa is a Battleground State

Iowa is expected to be a competitive state between Trump and Joe Biden. As an unprecedented legal battle ensues, the rules of the election have still not been determined.

The Democrats have tried to use coronavirus strategically to their advantage and demand fraudulent mail-in-voting to take place.

Republicans announced that this outcome would cause a “rogue auditor” to have accountability while also increasing voting security. On the other side, Democrats called the decision voter suppression.

Miller ultimately said he would agree to follow the order and will void the wrongfully done requests and send out blank forms next month.

Auditor’s Dirty Scheme

In July, the auditor sent out 140,000 absentee ballot request forms with voter’s personal information already filled out. Their names, dates of birth, and voter identification numbers were pre-filled.

Miller is a Democrat and defended his decision by saying he just wanted to make it easy for people to vote-by-mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

NBC News reports:

“Voters had to review, sign and return the forms to request ballots that will be mailed beginning Oct. 5. About 50,000 requests have been returned in the Democratic-leaning county, which is Iowa’s second largest and is recovering from a derecho that devastated the region Aug. 10. The phone system for the county elections office remained out of service Thursday.”

As the 2020 Presidential election gets closer, Democrats and Republicans are fighting to be on top. By allowing voter fraud, it appears that liberals are hopeful this route might help them squeeze out the competition.

In this case, a judge had to step in to preserve election integrity, but will that be enough? 

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