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Fox News President Jay Wallace, Juan Williams, Others All Ordered to Quarantine Immediately

by Laura Steinberg

Several top personalities on Fox News including network president Jay Wallace were sent home to immediate quarantine. Heavy hitters on the Fox airwaves including Juan Williams, Martha MacCallum, Dana Perino, and Bret Baier were sidelined for the duration of their convalescence.

Quarantine as effective as censorship

If the Deep State can’t censor conservative voices directly, they always seem to find another way. In this case, Fox News Media President Jay Wallace along with “several of the network’s top personalities” were ordered to quarantine themselves “after they were all unknowingly exposed to an individual who had contracted the virus.”

The New York Times gloated on Sunday that they won’t have to do any damage control for political interviews by their conservative rivals Martha MacCallum, Dana Perino, Bret Baier, and Juan Williams. Their victory was short lived because Fox announced that they will “broadcast their respective programs from their homes” while in quarantine.

As related by the Times, Wallace and the fox team were “exposed to an individual who later tested positive for COVID-19 when they flew together on a private plane from the debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Thursday.” Now they will be spending a couple of weeks in quarantine.

A memo to employees

Over at Fox, a network spokesperson declined to confirm “exactly how Wallace and the anchors had gotten exposed,” citing HIPPA health regulations on patient confidentiality. Wallace co-wrote a memo with Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott about the Quarantine, noting that Fox “will be further reducing some of the workforce in our buildings and operating virtually wherever possible throughout the week.”

It’s a good thing that the top dogs at Fox will be able to work through the quarantine period because this is stacking up to be a busy week, Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that at least one disgruntled FBI agent was disappointed that it’s contents weren’t being properly investigated last year and it ticked him off enough to leak a photo of Malia Obama’s credit card, apparently sitting next to lines of coke.

In the past few days we learned that she was having sex with Hunter Biden at the time. That’s on top of the revelation that his dad was raking half the take off the top of their influence peddling scheme.

The week before Biden’s laptop surfaced, we learned that the FBI helped cover up for Hillary Clinton when the CIA found out she was trying to illegally rig the 2016 election by making up false collusion stories about Donald Trump and the Russians to hide her collusion with the Russians. Liberals would be a lot happier if it was the truth that was in quarantine.

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