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Female athlete forced to compete against biological males finally gets major victory

by Mike Santorini

A female high school student, whose family took part in a lawsuit seeking to end transgender athletes’ participation in women’s sports, defeated one of her transgender opponents in a 55m race on Friday.

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The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the families of three high school girls, including Chelsea Mitchell of Canton High School, who have repeatedly trailed behind transgender athletes Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood in various races.

It takes issue with the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s policy to allow biological males who identify as female to compete in girls’ sports, saying it gives them an unfair advantage and strips their cisgender competitors of winning scholarships and championship titles.

The latest race: On Friday, at the Class S state championship, Mitchell edged Miller in a 55m race by .02 seconds, with a time of 7.18 seconds. It was the first time Mitchell won a race against Miller. The two didn’t speak to each other before or after the race, but Miller was spotted smiling and clapping after Mitchell finished first, Hartford Courant reports.

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“I clapped because, for me, I’m not a hater. When you take a win, you take the win. And even if you don’t respect me, I’ll respect you,” Miller said.

“I try to just clear everything out of my mind, this is just track, you know, it’s just running, just focusing on myself, not trying to think about anything else that’s been happening,” Mitchell told WVIT-TV.

Can her victory affect the lawsuit? “I don’t think it could go against, there’s still tons of girls that lose on a daily basis,” Mitchell said.

The debate about transgender rights appears to be at its starkest when it comes to sports. The attempt at a balance between giving cisgenders a shot at a fair competition and acknowledging their transgender competitors’ identities, so far, has resulted in an inconsistent mix of rules that seemingly does little to solve the issue.

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