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Democrats got exactly what they wanted from pushing mail-in ballots

by David Lindfield

It’s the morning after the 2020 elections and Americans still don’t know who the next President is.

Polls were predicting a massive nationwide “blowout” in favor of Joe Biden. It didn’t happen.

But still, in the end, Democrats got exactly what they wanted from pushing mail-in ballots.

The push for mail-in voting never had anything to do with the coronavirus.

It was all about setting up the 2020 Presidential election to be contested, if it was close.

Democrats knew they were entering the 2020 general election with the weakest candidate in a generation.

Sure, Joe Biden wasn’t as viscerally unlikeable as Hillary Clinton.

But their guy was past his prime by more than 20 years.

His political – and mental – abilities were fading by the time Obama selected him as Vice President in 2008.

Still, compared to the extremists like Bernie Sanders – who President Trump would’ve steamrolled in a general election the likes of which America hasn’t seen since 1984, Biden was a “safe” choice for the Democrat elite to coalesce around.

But they knew it wasn’t going to be enough.

That’s why Democrats pushed for mail-in voting – to throw chaos and uncertainty into the system.

If it were a blowout in favor of Biden on election day, they had no worries about votes getting tossed out.

But if things were close, they’d get the contested election they hoped for, try to draw it out for days – or even weeks – in court while cities like Philadelphia scramble to “find” more mail-in votes to push Biden over the top, and call Trump outperforming the polls on election day and apparent lead a “red mirage.”

In Virginia, President Trump was leading Biden by more than 300,000 votes until “mail-in” ballots were added to the tabulation starting at 11pm on election night. That led to a 600,000 vote swing with Biden taking the state by more than 300,000 votes.

And in Pennsylvania, President Trump holds a lead of nearly 700,000 votes at the time of this writing but the state’s Democrat officials are threatening to take all week to count the remaining 36% of the vote . . . just to make sure they “got it right.”

Nancy Pelosi already told her allies in the Fake News Media the House was ready to decide a contested Presidential election if need be.

Though it’s obvious this is a decision that’s headed for the courts.

As Americans wait to see who’s declared the next President of the United States, chaos and uncertainty will run rampant in the streets.

Just as the Democrat elites intended.

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