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“Dear Emperor Newsom,” Ex-Democrat Comedian Rob Schneider Slams Gov. Newsom For Thanksgiving Rules

by Mike Santorini

Comedian Rob Schnedier surely dislikes California Governor Gavin Newsom, which he obviously shows in Twitter.

On October 9, Newsom issued a new set of mandatory guidelines for gatherings in California, in addition to wearing a mask and physical distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. These include the prohibition of more than 3 households in a gathering, and strong restriction of singing, chanting, and shouting.

According to the guideline, if singing is unavoidable, all people doing the act should wear a face covering at all times.

He tweeted: “Dear Emperor @GavinNewson, During our allotted 3 family limit this Thanksgiving, if my Aunt comes over, can I throw her a slice of turkey from the window? We promise NOT to sing… we will all just whisper, ‘PLEASE RECALL DIPSHIT GAVIN NEWSON!’”

Earlier before this post, Schneider also ripped Newsom for ordering the lockdown of 19 wineries in different counties in California, but remained his own opened.

He said: “Enjoy @GavinNewsom 2020 Vintage Wine! A Smokey ash flavored Cab with hints of incompetence & authoritarian overstepping. Who needs science? Just Lock yourself down & go bankrupt with this morally corrupt table wine with it’s bouquet of one man dictatorial rule & 16.8% tax!”

Daily Wire reports:

Last week, Newsom announced the new rules, saying, “We are entering into the holidays, but also we’re entering into part of the year where things cool down and people are more likely to congregate back indoors in settings that put their physical proximity and likelihood of transmission and transmitting disease at higher risk.”

“People can gather under awnings, roofs or shade structures so long as at least three sides are open to outdoor breezes. Gatherings should be two hours or less to reduce the risk of transmission,” the Associated Press reported.

Schneider admitted in an interview in May this year that he used to be a Democrat but left the party and shifted to the GOP in 2013. He also added that he doesn’t know if any presidential candidate can beat Trump in the November 3 election.


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