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DC on High Alert

by Laura Steinberg

Everybody in Washington D.C. is going to be on high alert this month. The inconvenient and unnecessary security fences which have been standing since the beginning of the year finally got removed in July. Now they’re going back up as liberals panic. Conservatives are just as nervous. They don’t want to get framed again.

Both sides are alert

The far-right is going to be just as alert at the upcoming rally as the liberals are, making certain they do nothing at all to get them falsely accused of inciting insurrection.

That way, it will be a whole lot easier to link anyone who does start trouble back to their handlers. Many believe it’s a deep state element of the FBI lurking behind the shadows and inciting domestic terror.

After discussing it for weeks, security forces finally got the word. According to left-leaning Associated Press, police “are expected to reinstall fencing around the Capitol building.” The thing that has them all totally terrified isn’t the 911 anniversary.

The alert is over the upcoming September 18 “Justice for J6” rally. According to event organizer Matt Braynard, “left-leaning activists have threatened him and the group over its continued plan to demand that the protesters are treated as least as well as antifa.”

In large organized and well supplied units which used to be considered “irregular troops,” Antifa and Black Lives Matter “protesters” fought, burned, and looted their way through Democrat run cities for months. Because all of them were screaming the name of George Floyd, they all got a free pass.

On the other hand, conservatives generate domestic terror alert bulletins for peacefully exercising free speech. “Despite all of this entirely peaceful operation by us, I’m being bombarded with death threats and threats of violence. So, all the violence happening here is exclusively coming from the Left.”

Justice for J6

Look Ahead America, the group Braynard founded, “is at the center of protests to critical race theory teachings in schools, the FBI’s hunting down of January 6 protesters and state voter reform efforts.” It’s the barbarian invasion which has everyone on such high alert now.

The “September 18 ‘Justice For J6’ rally at the base of the U.S. Capitol is expected to attract hundreds to watch videos and hear speakers, including some lawmakers.” Braynard warned “those coming to act peacefully and stick to the message of aiding the January 6 protesters.”

“The small handful who so far have been credibly charged with violence, they are due a fair hearing, a fair trial. I don’t think that that’s happening for them. They’re still having the deck stacked against them.”

In many cases, he points out, “those who have been accused of violence have had the government slow walk evidence and say that they may not even be able to present the evidence for another year. So I don’t know how credible these claims of violence against many of these individuals are, to begin with,” Braynard explains. Just pointing that out triggers a terror alert and barricade fencing.

One of the reasons the FBI is freaking out is because the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys are expected to be there. It turns out that at least one controversial Proud Boys leader had been working as a rat for the FBI long before he started trouble in D.C.

Proud Boys might not even be there. They have been to busy battling Antifa in the Democrat run streets of Portland, Oregon. The police have been standing back and staying out of it. They don’t get paid to do more than alert everyone to stay clear because there could be collateral damage.

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