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CNN’s Rick Wilson Tells Melania Trump to ‘Be Infected’ With Coronavirus

by David Lindfield

Frequent CNN guest and harsh Trump critic, Rick Wilson, wrote a disturbing message to First Lady Melania Trump.

Wilson “jokingly” suggested that Melania Trump should “be infected” with the coronavirus, Fox News reports.

Following harsh criticism, Wilson deleted the tweet. However, screenshots of the tweet caught the sickening message:

“#BeInfected,” the frequent CNN and MSNBC guest told the first lady.

Wilson was mocking Melania Trump’s #BeBest initiative is meant to combat cyberbullying among America’s youth by writing #BeInfected.

“Some really shameful stuff here, Rick Wilson,” Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy told the pundit.

“This is garbage, and you are a grown ass adult who should know better,” The Daily Wire’s Jessica Fletcher said.

“Rick Wilson you’re a disgusting creep,” former CNN contributor Steve Cortes reacted.

“What is wrong with you?” GOP spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington asked.

More from Fox News:

That tweet sparked plenty of backlash on social media.

“This is the most insidious & hateful rhetoric of anyone who exists in political punditry. Rick Wilson is wishing Coronavirus on Melania Trump. It doesn’t matter if the wish is aimed at a First Lady, or a doctor, a teacher, a policewoman. It is despicable. He deserves no platform,” The Hill’s Joe Concha said.

Wilson remained unapologetic, responding to someone who asked what he meant, “Insofar as #BeBest has been a travesty from the jump, you mean? Insofar as her online bullying efforts are placed in absurd contrast by her husband’s daily actions? That’s how I meant it.”

The former strategist, an outspoken critic of President Trump, recently went viral during a CNN appearance with Don Lemon where they mocked Trump supporters as illiterate “credulous rubes.”

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