Home News Breaking News: Mandatory Shelter in Place Ordered for Residents

Breaking News: Mandatory Shelter in Place Ordered for Residents

by Laura Steinberg

A mandatory shelter in place order has been issued for residents in the areas surrounding the Pearl Street Mall after a bomb threat was reported.

The Boulder Police Department shared the news of the bomb threat on Twitter, writing: “A Mandatory Shelter In Place Order has been issued for the area(s) of area surrounding the Pearl Street Mall due to a Bomb Threat. Take the following protective actions immediately: if inside shelter in place, all pedestrians outside evacuate the area immediately.”

“We have NOT confirmed the bomb threat on the Pearl Street Mall but are asking people to take these precautions while we check out the area and investigate. As soon as we have additional information to release we will update everyone,” the Boulder Police Department added in a second tweet.

The Boulder Police Department wrote another tweet that was meant for the media, stating that a police information officer is “headed to an area near the Pearl Street Mall,” where a media staging area will be set up.

Boulder, Colorado has been in the news recently due to a mass shooting committed by Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Syrian immigrant, at a King Soopers grocery store. Boulder is known as one of the most left-wing cities in Colorado, with many of its residents calling for defunding the police. With the mass shooting and this bomb threat, it is unclear whether there will be much support for this movement in the future.

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