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Breaking: 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible… Could Change ENTIRE Situation

by Laura Steinberg
Breaking: 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible... Could Change ENTIRE Situation

In another appearance of massive voting irregularities, an announcement has been made that 132,000 ineligible ballots were discovered in Fulton County, Georgia, and are likely to be thrown out.

Joe Biden is beating President Trump in Georgia by around 10,000 votes. Kyle Becker, Senior Managing Editor at the Independent Journal Review, tweeted that these 132,000 votes are “highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved.”

The original claim was made by Twitter user @Peoples_Pundit.

If these ballots are determined to be ineligible, President Trump will most likely be the winner of Georgia’s 16 electoral votes.

This revelation comes after significant allegations of illegal ballot harvesting in Georgia, which may have a substantial impact on the election results as well. A Trump campaign spokesperson stated that there was “a lack of transparency in the tabulation process, especially given the reports of irregularities and improper ballot harvesting in Georgia”.

It was also reported by Fox5 that a glitch in voting software, which took place in one county in Georgia, had hindered reporting on election results.

“A software glitch delayed Gwinnett County election workers from reporting more than 7,000 votes until Friday. Another glitch on Saturday impacted about 500 more votes,” the outlet stated.

All of these irregularities occurring in just one state should be enough to raise concerns of anyone who actually cares about election integrity, yet many Democrats are trying to sweep them under the rug.

The left does not seem to want any questions to be asked about Joe Biden‘s “victory” in multiple battleground states riddled with allegations of voter fraud.

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