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Black Lives Matter Signs Replaced With Molotov Cocktails in Third Night of Destruction…Police Station Abandoned and Set Ablaze

by Laura Steinberg

Things are getting medieval in Minneapolis, as Black Lives Matter signs were replaced by Molotov cocktails on Thursday night. Agitated into action by professional instigators, an organized force of well prepared rabble – armed with the modern version of pitchforks and torches – sacked and burned the local fortress of civil defense.

A innocent black man murdered in cold blood

Minneapolis, Minnesota, was gripped in “racially charged arson, looting and vandalism” for a third consecutive night, as protesters whipped into a frenzy by professional activists demanded “justice.” What they really want is “revenge.” Someone is egging them on from the Deep State shadows.

There isn’t a single shred of doubt that four uniformed police officers murdered an innocent black man in cold blood. They may have held badges but they weren’t acting on behalf of the department. They were certainly not trying to perform their “sworn duty” in any way at all. These particular individuals had their own agenda. These men intentionally tried to start a race war. And it’s working.

They did their part, then the activists started passing out gasoline to literally throw on the fire. An angry mob put down their BLM signs and invaded the Third Precinct station. Gangsters and Antifa thugs armed with Molotov cocktails overran the defenses. Overwhelmed officers abandoned their posts without a fight and watched their fortress of justice burn to the ground.

A tactical police retreat

The uprising in Minnesota’s largest city went “largely unchecked” late Thursday after Mayor Jacob Frey gave the order for a “tactical police retreat” and the Third Precinct police station became a bonfire. The National Guard had been called in earlier but they “kept a low profile.” They were ordered by Governor Tim Walz to “help keep the peace” but all they did was stand around and watch the mobs of black residents torch the city.

The night before, the police were out in their riot gear and clashing with angry protesters. On Thursday, law enforcement took a different tactic and surrendered their castle without a fight. Pinned in their building by a rampaging crowd, Some officers made it up to the roof. From there, they provided cover fire with tear gas and rubber bullets while their besieged comrades evacuated. As soon as the building was abandoned, the mob swarmed in. It’s unknown at this time if any weapons or other sensitive hardware were captured by the Black Lives Matter guerrillas.

Neither the National Guard Troops nor the fire department were anywhere nearby as “a crowd of hundreds lingered around the building for hours, feeding flames with hunks of plywood and other debris.” Before the building was engulfed in flames, protesters could be seen on the roof. “Several other buildings and a car” were also torched Thursday night and “looters plundered several businesses, including a burning liquor store and nearby discount store that had been ransacked the night before.”

Progressive organizers are doing their best to spread the violence around the country but so far it isn’t getting any traction outside of Minneapolis. Fires did break out Thursday night elsewhere in the state as the disturbances spread into the adjacent city of St. Paul, the state capital, with fires and vandalism breaking out there.” There have been protests, but not riots in other places. On Wednesday, Reuters reports, protests erupted in Los Angeles. By Thursday there were protests in Denver which blocked freeway traffic. In Phoenix, Arizona, “protesters faced off with police in riot gear at City Hall, and a rally was held at the Arizona state Capitol.”

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