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Biden Lie Crumbles: Major US Company Hailed By Joe Pumps The Brakes On Mandate

by Adam Morgan

You’d never know it if you watched or read the media but one by one companies are turning their backs on mandates.

Just days ago, the White House told us there was no opposition to mandates and that the troubles at Southwest airlines had nothing to do with the vaccine.

Speaking at the White House Biden said, “Southwest Airlines … the head of the pilots’ union and its CEO dismissed critics who claim vaccination mandates contributed to flight disruptions.�

The president then praised the company for properly dealing with “misinformation.�

Well, none of that is truth and after protest earlier this week at the companies headquarters the company is no longer imposing a mandate.

Southwest has announced they will no longer put unvaccinated employees on paid leave who have applied for religious or medical exemption.

In other words, if you apply for an exemption you’re getting it and won’t lose your job.

The announcement is a huge blow to the Biden administration who just a few days ago claimed there was no backlash against the mandate.

America Airlines was the first company that announced they would not impose a mandate and were soon joined by Delta. United Airlines almost gleefully fired over 200 unvaccinated employers and it appeared Southwest was going to do the same.

Then came the sickouts and the protests at the airline HQ in Dallas, Texas.

Southwest couldn’t ignore the hundreds of their employees lined up outside their building demanding medical freedom.

The Freedom Flu is catching on.

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