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Biden Flirts With Satanist Ways

by Laura Steinberg

The reality under President Joe Biden is dismal and only getting worse, and now the suspected illegitimate leader is playing the blame game.

Biden Continues his Satanist Streak

In early October 2021, Biden was speaking in Chicago and touting his tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates that have been dividing the country.

The irony of the even, was that the president and his cronies all wore masks while talking about the efficacy of the vaccines. In terms of the vaccine mandates, Biden and his team said that it has been a very good thing because it has forced more Americans to get vaccinated against their desires.

In his speech, he rambled on about random things like usual and then concentrated on his ever-growing COVID policies. He staunchly said that vaccine mandates are working because more people have gotten the shot due to not wanting to lose their jobs.

Unvaccinated Face Persecution

He then waded into the new mantra of blame the unvaccinated for everything wrong in the world. Biden then claimed that the unvaccinated are causing the health care system to fumble but went even further to say that those who choose medical freedom are now a risk to the economy.

“The unvaccinated also put our economy at risk, because people are reluctant to go out, and think about this, even in places where there is no restriction, and going to restaurants and gyms and movie theaters. People are not going anywhere, because they’re worried they’re going to get sick, and I’ve tried everything in my power to get people vaccinated,� he said.

Economy in Trouble

He continued his monologue and said that “vaccination requirements are good for the economy, not only increase in vaccination rates but to help send people back to work. Back to work.�

As a dictator would, the president has made it a requirement that all businesses with over 100 employees must make their which has caused an uproar of people standing up for their freedoms that are being stripped away from them.

As the satanic agenda continues, many Americans are trying to sort out choosing their beliefs or their jobs.

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