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Anti-Lockdown Demonstrator Falsely Accused Of Holding White Supremacist Sign

by Mike Santorini

A Pittsburgh Republican anti-lockdown demonstrator was falsely depicted holding a sign with a white supremacist slogan after attending an anti-lockdown protest last month.

The lie: Former New Yorker writer Talia Lavin posted a picture of an April 20 demonstration in Pittsburgh, protesting Gov. Tom Wolf’s nearly two-month-long stay-at-home order and shutdown of nonessential businesses.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Andrew Rush attended the rally and posted pictures of the event on Twitter.

One of the pictures Lavin shared on her Twitter account features Jill Cooper of Murrysville, a longtime conservative activist and Trump supporter, holding a sign that read: “Work Sets You Free,” the English translation of the German slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” that is displayed over the entrance of the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp.

The truth: Independent Oregon journalist Andy Ngo, however, revealed that Lavin’s photo was doctored and posted the original photo showing Cooper holding a sign that actually read: “Free Small Business.”

“This sign in Pittsburgh was doctored & circulated online to have a Nazi concentration camp slogan. Real photo on the right by photographer Andrew Rush. People are working overdrive to smear all “reopen America” protesters as fascists. When they can’t find them, they create them,” Ngo wrote.

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It is unclear who altered Rush’s photo.

Responding to the doctored picture, Cooper said, “I felt violated when I saw the photo. I couldn’t believe that someone would blatantly doctor a photo of me to make me appear as a Nazi supporter. How evil. What has world come too [sic] if you lie and distort to get your false message out about Trump supporters and OPEN PA protesters. I am just furious.”

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